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Root Canal Therapy: Fact v.s Fiction

In the age of the Internet, information is available with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, some of that information can be outdated orRoot Canals completely false. This is a particular problem with root canals, which many people still believe are a painful or unnecessary procedure. Your family dentists in Madisonville, Kentucky, Dr. Stuart Baldwin and Dr. Ben Baldwin, want to dispel any of the myths surrounding root canals by answering a few "fact or fiction" questions here.

Claim: Root canals are a necessary procedure.

This is a fact. If your Madisonville family dentist tells you that you need a root canal, it's because decay has progressed into the inner portions of the tooth, which can be extremely painful and put you at risk for infections. A root canal removes these infected tissues and the nerves associated with them, which saves the tooth and stops the infection in its tracks. A crown on the top of the tooth also seals off any other contaminants and allows you to eat and smile comfortably.

Claim: It's easier to have a tooth pulled than have a root canal.

In most cases, this is fiction. While tooth extraction used to be common, the dental industry has evolved over time, both with techniques and knowledge. We know now that when a tooth is pulled, it can put the remaining natural teeth at risk for shifting and decay, as teeth need the support of their "neighbors" to function properly. That's why your Madisonville family dentist will do a thorough evaluation to make sure the tooth can support a root canal. Teeth that are cracked below the gum line or those with severe decay may need an extraction to prevent further problems. Dental implants are often recommended in these cases.

Claim: Root canals are painful.

This is fiction as well. Before anesthesia was widely used, almost all dental procedures were painful! While patients know how that they will be thoroughly numbed before a cavity filling or other treatment, root canals haven't been able to shake that reputation. Your Madisonville dentist assures all patients that the most up-to-date anesthetic will be used during their root canals, and reminds patients that in many cases, a root canal eradicates the pain associated with advanced decay.

To learn more about root canals, or any other dental procedure, we encourage you to contact the Baldwin Dental Group in Madisonville, Kentucky to make an appointment with one of our skilled and friendly family dentists!

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