How Sealants Can Protect Your Child's Smile

Practicing good, thorough oral hygiene can be hard enough for adults, let alone for young children. Children are at especially high risk forChild's smile tooth decay, and brushing and flossing are essential for preventing cavities and other oral health problems. But as young children learn to adequately clean their teeth, traces of food and bacteria can literally fall through the cracks and crevices of their teeth. Dental sealants even out the chewing surface of the back molars and hard to reach teeth to make it easier for your child to brush, protecting them from cavities in the process. Dr. Ben Baldwin and Dr. Stuart Baldwin, the family dentists at Baldwin Dental Group in Madisonville, KY, offer a range of dentistry services for the entire family.


Protect Your Child's Smile and Oral Health with Dental Sealants in Madisonville, KY

Dental sealants are a tooth-colored, non-invasive coating that creates a flat surface on your child's back teeth, making them easier to brush. A flatter tooth surface makes it harder for food particles and bacteria to hide away between the teeth's pits and fissures (the uneven grooves and indentations you see when you look at the top of the molars).

This is especially helpful for children that are still developing a good brushing and flossing technique. And if your children are a fan of eating candy and sweet food and snacks, the extra sugar creates even more of a breeding ground for bacteria and cavities.


How Sealants Work

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dental sealants have been shown to cut the cavity risk in young children (ages 6 - 11) by up to 80%. Sealants act as a protective barrier between the child's tooth and cavity causing acids and bacteria. The procedure is non-invasive and completed in a single appointment. First, your family dentist will clean the tooth and remove any plaque or bacteria buildup.

The sealant is applied in gel form and then dried with a blue light, so your child won't feel a thing. The material is clear, so they won't be noticeable and also give the dentist an opportunity to continue to monitor the teeth for any changes or issues. Sealants typically last for an average of ten years, but they are not a substitute for oral hygiene or regular dental care. Daily brushing and flossing and regular dental exams and cleanings are still necessary after the sealants have been applied. In some cases, they may have to be replaced for chips or cracks.


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