What Dental Crowns Can Do for You

Sometimes even if you haven’t lost a tooth, you can still feel self-conscious with your smile because your teeth are damaged or misshapen. With all the technology available in restorative dentistry, you owe it to yourself to take some steps to fix your smile.

Here at Baldwin Dental Group in Madisonville, KY, your family dentists Dr. Ben Baldwin and Dr. Stuart Baldwin commonly use dental crowns to improve your smile and restore your teeth’s function.

Giving Back Your Smile

How can dental crowns fix your smile? As one of the most commonly used components in dental restoration, these handy devices serve several purposes. Usually made from porcelain, dental crowns can easily resemble the look and color of the enamel of your natural teeth.

Dental crowns can give back your smile by helping fix tooth problems like chipping, cracking, fractures, and decay. Once the dental crown has been placed, it can provide stability, protection, and support to the damaged tooth. This fixes whatever issue there is with the tooth, allowing you to get back your smile.

Since dental crowns are customized exactly for your teeth, you can be assured that they will fully encapsulate the damaged portion of the teeth, so that they won’t be visible from any angle. The damaged tooth would have to be prepared before the installation of the crown.

The placing of the dental crown should likewise solve common tooth problems like pain and sensitivity that accompanies biting, chewing, or consuming hot or cold food and drinks. Aside from the basic protection that a dental crown can provide, it could likewise improve the size, shape, and appearance of your tooth to provide you with a better-looking smile.

Teeth that have been worn down by grinding or bruxism can also be protected from wear and tear. In addition, your family dentist in Madisonville, KY, can use dental crowns to restore the length and symmetry of your teeth, thereby fixing your smile.

Other Benefits of Dental Crowns

  • Stronger Teeth. Strong teeth are healthier looking teeth. With a dental crown, you get a solution that is as strong and tough as the enamel of your natural tooth.
  • Restored Function. Eating could be a challenge when you have damaged teeth. The restorative solution presented by dental crowns gives you back the ability to enjoy your food again by repairing your damaged teeth. This happens through the restoration of your teeth structure that also restores your self-confidence.
  • Whitens Your Smile. Those who have discolored or darkened teeth could likewise benefit from dental crowns. They can provide whiter teeth than any bleaching solution can deliver. You are assured that your dental crowns will blend with the color of your real teeth, giving you that natural-looking smile.

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