Common Dental Problems You Can Fix With Cosmetic Dentistry.

It's a misconception to think of cosmetic dentistry as solely focused on the way your smile looks. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with caring about the appearance of your smile, quite the contrary. It's why cosmetic dentistry addresses both the aesthetic aspects of your smile as well as the underlying health concerns. Below we'll touch on some common ones, but if you would like to learn more, get in contact with Dr. Ben Baldwin and Dr. Stuart Baldwin of Baldwin Dental Group in Madisonville, KY.

Brighten up Your Smile

Having teeth that are a few shades less than white is not usually cause for concern, in a medical sense. But just the same, there's nothing wrong with wanting a whiter brighter smile. It is, after all, one of the very first impressions we can make. Having your teeth professionally whitened by your dentist guarantees much better, faster, and safer, results than anything you can get over the counter.

Chipped Teeth and Cavities

Small cracks and chips can be easily corrected by your dentist with the use of a composite resin through a procedure called bonding. The composite is tooth-colored and is bonded to your teeth and shaped to address these problems. Your dentist can also use this same composite to treat cavities, and because it is the same color as your teeth they won't be nearly as noticeable as traditional amalgam fillings.

Restoring Missing Teeth

A missing tooth is more than a visible concern as a gap in your smile often causes the adjacent teeth to shift and may lead to problems like overcrowding. To address a missing tooth your dentist may employ a dental bridge or a dental implant. Though both treatments depend on crowns as the means of correction, they differ in their approach, and determining which is the best option for you is best decided between you and your dentist.

Get a Smile Makeover

If you have an otherwise healthy smile but are dealing with a number of imperfections, then dental veneers may be for you. They are thin but very strong and durable caps, typically made of porcelain, that are permanently attached to your teeth. They work in a similar way to crowns, but because of their size, less of your tooth has to be reshaped, allowing for a full smile makeover with what is a relatively fast cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Madisonville, KY

The above dental problems, and others, can be treated by cosmetic dentistry. So if you share any of these concerns then it may be time to speak with a professional about making a change. Make an appointment today with Dr. Baldwin and Dr. Baldwin of Baldwin Dental Group in Madisonville, KY, by dialing (270) 245-1547.


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